The Blogs I found interesting today

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I’m sure there’s a better way to do this.  Here are today’s topics of interest:

Barbie does it again.

For all those who support local coffee shops!


LOST: Where’d My…

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This is how I feel

This is how I feel

…about page go? How can I find the people who comment on my page. It seems to me there would be a link to their wordpress page if they had one right. Or do you not have to have one? Sigh…this makes me not want to post…setbacks.

Why A Blog?

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Intimidation at its best

Intimidation at its best

I sat down and asked myself? Why blog? Why not just write a book or something.

I think blogs provide the best immediate feedback and act as daily motivators when people subscribe, share their thoughts and their interests. There’s an inherent motivation to blog. So, I think not only do I get to share and reap the benefits of instant gratification when I push the “Publish” button. I think it satisfies my Renaissance Soul as another accomplishment at the end of the day.